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jblabs:'swapon -s'from within a liveUSB. you can try and fix it from the liveUSB, sure the first thing I'd do is check the file system Bashing-om, No output to this command. also, type'mount' Bashing-om, Does the SSD drive have enough space? jblabs: so 'pastebinit reisio, I just did, shows /dev/sda2 on /cdrom type ext4 (rw,relatime,data=ordered,noatime,xattr,error=remount-ro) yay, then it's formatted I'd install a new bootloader and try to use that before going on to other things reisio, I'm not even there. is the bootloader on /dev/sda1? on what? sda1 is the CD/DVD drive jblabs: Reisio'sudo parted -l '. hrmm? reisio, Yes, what i meant is which bootloader? the Ubuntu bootloader is at /dev/sda unless you just erased it, in which case it would be at /dev/sda1 reisio, partitioned that drive and it showed sda1 ... but it was a fresh install so why don't you tell me what you did instead of asking, "is the bootloader on /dev/sda1" if you've already checked that, then you can stop being a troll reisio, I'm going to install that bootloader, then I'm just going to say that I can't boot into ubuntu mmmhmmm, so your /boot/efi






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Forza Horizon Password Txt Download Toretn
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